The Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation Behavior™ (FIRO-B®) assessment helps answer questions relating to teamwork and leadership potential. The FIRO-B® assessment can be used to cultivate highly effective teams by helping team members discover how their needs for inclusion, control, and affection form their team’s success.

Easy to administer with just 54 items, this powerful tool has helped people around the world better understand their behavior and the impact it has on other individuals and in team settings. The tool offers critical insights that help leaders, managers, and individuals in organizations understand their natural style and the impact it has on the way they communicate and the way others perceive them. 


The insights provided by the FIRO-B® assessment can be used to improve communication, team building, development, leadership, and coaching.


Online, Paper-based

Administration time

20 minutes

How it Helps?

The FIRO assessments are ideal for a wide range of applications, including the following:


  • Team building—to accelerate the team formation process and allow members to overcome barriers and progress to higher levels of performance
  • Leadership and executive development—to identify leadership styles and help leaders unlock greater team performance by meeting the interpersonal needs of managers, peers, and direct reports
  • Relationship building—to ensure that employees get the most out of working relationships by helping them understand how to meet the interpersonal needs of customers and stakeholders
  • Professional development—to increase employees’ self-awareness for better understanding of how their positive behavioral changes boost morale, productivity, and engagement
  • Conflict management—to improve skills for assessing different types of conflict and applying emotionally intelligent strategies 


The FIRO-B® & FIRO Business instruments generate a wide range of reports that can be customized per your need and budget.

Leadership Report Using the FIRO-B® and MBTI®

Explores a person’s leadership and communication styles.

FIRO-B® Interpretive Report

 Interprets results in terms of team and organizational effectiveness. 

FIRO-B® Profile

 Provides a basic summary of FIRO-B® scores.

FIRO Business Profile

Developed specifically for use in business environments and ideal for leadership development.

FIRO Business Leadership Report

Provides insight into communication styles and behavior that affect leadership performance.


The FIRO-B™ is ideally suited to:

Team building and team development

Identifying likely sources of compatibility or tension; identifying leadership style; aiding effective decision making; improving communication, openness, and trust; and resolving conflicts

Individual development

Increasing self-awareness and interpersonal effectiveness as part of the coaching process, career development or personal growth

Relationship Counselling

Identifying and resolving possible sources of incompatibility and dissatisfaction

Selection and placement

The FIRO-B tool can help to structure interviews and assess likely team roles or interpersonal behavior, but only in combination with other assessment techniques.

Why FIRO-B is Popular?

The FIRO assessments are trusted tools because of they:

  • Facilitate behavioral change by providing specific insights into people’s interpersonal needs 
  • Identify existing communication and interpersonal dynamics—helping people overcome issues and sometimes prevent them from forming
  • Detail strengths and development recommendations
  • Are backed by excellent support and guidance through CPP’s global distributor network