Despite compelling evidence that more diversity in senior management ranks increases organisational performance, the proportion of women in key leadership roles remains low in most organisations. Women face a unique set of challenges when progressing into senior leadership positions, including unconscious bias, a scarcity of role models, and a peer group that continually shrinks the more senior they become. These can make striving for the top a lonely and frustrating endeavor even in organisations with the best intentions to support their top female talent.


This program is designed to equip women leaders with the tools they need to increase their leadership impact and create lasting personal and professional change. It is a highly interactive program where participants are encouraged to share their experiences and success stories. Furthermore, many prominent case studies will be discussed during this program. This program encourages representation from both male and female leaders and covers the critical issues of adopting ways to break through the proverbial glass ceiling and gender stereotypes. 

Program objectives:
  • Understand what it takes to lead in an uncertain, fast changing, global world
  • Explore the specific challenges women leaders face and how to overcome them
  • Developing a strong system of talent management where the leadership potential of women is identified
  • Uncover hidden biases
  • Nurturing personal competencies
  • Aligning personal ambitions and needs to the overall goals of the organization 
Learning Outcomes
  • Develop professional networks, mentors and sponsors to drive your career success
  • Identify the key competencies in the organisation
  • Aligning personal competencies to that of the organization
  • Adopt a proactive approach with everything you do
  • Build your own reputation 
Learners profile
  • Women leaders
  • Managers – (All Levels)
  • Team leaders