V&A Enhancement (US / UK / AUS)

Thomas L. Friedman wrote a book in 2005 which he titled “The World is Flat”. True to his observation, the world we live in is integrated unlike ever before. This means that we are connecting with people far and away for personal as well as professional reasons. Voice and Accent Enhancement is a carefully designed course which caters to people who need to improvise their English accent to be better understood by people from a specific region or a country. It is especially meant for those who want to incorporate a US, UK or Australian accent. This program is well tailored to cater to the needs of BPO and KPO professionals as well as other corporate professionals like software developers and consultants etc. who need to interact with international clients.   


The objectives of this program are to develop the participants
  • Comprehensibility 
  • Diction and enunciation, fine tuned to the style of certain specific geography 
  • Speaking flow and rate of speech fine tuned to the style of certain specific geography
  • Accent, as required
  • Confidence level insofar as speaking English is concerned 
After completing this program, the participants will be better able to….
  • Adopt an accent that is suitable to stakeholders from certain geographies
  • Excel at client communication 
  • Verbally communicate their thoughts and views without the fear of being misinterpreted
  • Interact more effectively with international clients/stakeholders
  • Speak with more confidence 
Ideal for
  • Employees of organizations dealing with clients from Australia, UK, and USA
  • People who want to enhance their skills in speaking different accents
  • Customer Service Executives (both inbound & outbound process) 
  • Customer Care (both inbound & outbound process) 
  • Call Center Executives

1. Understating different accents: Aust. / UK / US

2. Understanding, identifying and dealing with Mother Tongue Influence (MTI)

3. Accent modification

4. Voice improvement & modulation

5. Understanding the target culture to use the right accent and proverbial speech

6. rate of speech

7. Intonation