Transnational Analysis (TA) is an analysis of both a human personality and a system for the improvement of human relationships between human beings. Its application will provide a systematic approach to understand the links between human needs &behavior and the ways that the individuals are effective or ineffective in solving their issues and enhancing their relationships.


TA provides a model to understand the patterns of behavior, communication, interpersonal relationship, attitude, and conflict management. These skills have been found to be crucial for success in all walks of life and our seminars are geared towards developing these crucial skills.


By doing this program, the participants will be able to…
  • Make you use of emotional intelligence as a basis for transnational analysis
  • Interact with people smartly for achieving better results
  • Be assertive while interacting with people
  • Improve their conflict management skills 
After completing this program, the participants will be better prepared to….
  • Motivate others to excel using emotional intelligence
  • Have communication skills which will make them excel in human relationships
  • Have assertive skills for excellence in personal development
  • Have time management skills to excel in working together with others 
Ideal For:
  • Public Relation Officers
  • Managers at all the levels
  • Team Leaders
  • Aspiring Trainers
  • Supervisors 
  • What is transactional analysis?
  • Emotional intelligence and its importance
  • How to be assertive?
  • Effective management system