Telephone selling is a specialist activity whether you are selling ‘an appointment’ or a product. It is often said that if you’re not comfortable on the phone, sales probably isn’t the right career for you. The reality is that even in this digitally connected world, a telephone is a primary tool for generating and fixing appointments. Telephone selling can dramatically increase anyone’s sales success. Learning how to capture and retaining someone’s attention without physically being in their presence is a skill every salespeople must develop. Which is why the core focus of our telesales program are four most critical steps in telesales. They are:


  • Making a good first impression 
  • Attention to detail
  • Building a rapport
  • Communicating honestly and empathetically


In our telesales training program, we will deep-dive into each of these steps, along with other critical inputs like SPIN selling etc. The success of your business relationships therefore depends on your phone skills. The telesales skills of the people who interact with your clients can be just as important to your organization’s success as the quality of your professional services. Therefore this is a critical training program for every organization. 

Program Objectives:
  • Understanding the four critical steps in tele sales
  • Building a rapport with customer with active and empathetic listening
  • Being assertive while interacting with the customer over the phone
  • Understanding how to present the benefits of the product
  • Learning the most effective pattern of asking questions
  • Handling customer objections 
Learning Outcomes
  • Increased sales performance and effectiveness
  • Ability to adopt a proactive approach
  • Leading the dialogue through effective questioning
  • Assertiveness
Ideal For
  • Tele callers
  • Supervisors
  • Team leaders