When people and resources are scarce and expensive, you need to make every investment in your sales team count. The highly successful sales professional can adapt and grow in any market environment precisely because they aren’t satisfied with their present level of competency and are always looking to add something new to their repertoire.

They do so by constantly asking two questions:

1) What do I need to do to be more effective? And 

2) What do I need to learn that I don’t know now? 

This is a program for senior sales professionals who have been there and done that as individuals and are now responsible for Your sales team is a major growth engine and a critical contributor to your organization’s growth. At the same time, it can rapidly become costly and difficult to manage if you don’t have a solid strategy in place. Discover how strategies like analyzing your sales calls, realigning territories, shifting product or market emphases, reallocating salesperson time or adjusting sales force size can transform performance, generating maximum growth from your sales force. Learn to use compensation system sand organizational structures to motivate salespeople and third-party distribution channels to deliver outstanding results.

Program Objectives
  • Build competitive advantage
  • Motivate your sales force
  • Developing negotiation skills as an integral part of selling
  • Setting clear and SMART sales goals for your teams
  • Practice consultative selling
  • Delegating work 
Learning outcomes 
  • Lead a dynamic sales team through new market challenges 
  • Practicing consultative selling by matching needs of customers to the products
  • Applying advanced negotiation skills for win-win solutions
  • Managing key accounts effectively 
Ideal For 
  • C-suite executives Sales heads
  • Sales managers
  • Team leaders