Public Speaking

You might have heard it many times that most people fear ‘public speaking’ more than they fear ‘death’. By this logic, most people would rather be in the coffin than read the eulogy! Well, having said that, wouldn’t it be great if you could learn to enjoy speaking in public, preparing your own speeches and presentations, and most importantly, putting your point across in a calm, assertive and impressive manner at a professional gathering?

As Entrepreneurs, managers and professionals, all of us want to be able to speak in public with confidence. At some point of time, we need to formally present our ideas to internal or external stakeholders in a public forum. This Public Speaking course is designed to teach you how to improve your public speaking capabilities to make the most of the limited public speaking opportunities that come our way during our career.

The objectives of this program are to develop the participants
  • Confidence level pertaining to speaking in public Chain of thought
  • Memory power using the ‘mind map’ technique
  • Ability to hold the attention of the audience
  • Ability to present their thoughts in a formal environment
  • Impromptu speaking skills
After completing this program, the participants will be better able to….
  • Perform better while speaking in front of crowd
  • Manage the audience in a public speaking scenario
  • Use stage as a tool to give the best presentations
  • Deliver effective presentations
  • Adopt a methodology to communicate powerfully and comprehensibly
  • Engage the listeners
  • Manage a high-octane Q&A session
  • Set a solid first impression and a favorable overall impression
Ideal for
  • Mid and top management
  • Sales and marketing teams
  • Business Analysts
  • Consultants
  • Project Managers
  • Team leaders
  • High potential executives

1. What is Public Speaking?

2. Pyramid principle

3. Mind mapping

4. Using flow charts to create subject matter clusters

5. The importance of Body language

6. Creating a conducive environment while speaking

7. Evaluating the audience for STP (Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning) of ideas