Management & Leadership

Management & Leadership: The question of what makes a good leader is widely debated by corporate, academia, and experts in behavioral sciences. Amidst all the noise, it is clear that the ability to lead depends on a key number of skills. At PACE™ we provide a wide range of Leadership training programs to cater to all levels of leadership. We believe the two most defining quality of a leader are:

  • The ability to be flexible and adapt to changing circumstance. 
  • The ability to self-reflect, i.e look inwards and understand one’s self by cutting out self deception.

Our high-end leadership programs revolve around self-reflection, leadership strategy, organization and team vision and other elements that are needed for senior leadership teams to drive results and ensure that the core values trickle down to all levels. 

Programs for mid-level managers:

The next level of programs are for mid-level managers – individuals who have some leadership experience and need to see things from a new perspective to improve their leadership qualities. These programs contain topics that address leaders who are transitioning between mid and senior management. They equip individuals and teams with KSA (knowledge, skills, and attitude) needed to build leadership competencies at the interpersonal and team levels.

Finally, some of our more basic programs are for first-time leaders and entry-level managers. They cover individual leadership and the importance of demonstrating management & leadership competencies even as a team member or an individual contributor. 

Core competency:

Our core competency is providing bespoke solutions for organisations. We specialize in developing customized programs that are result oriented. Our pedagogy includes a range of training methodologies such as role plays, outbound activities, group exercises, individual activities, videos, case studies, discussions, etc.

The prime objective of the leadership training vertical is to ensure that leadership capability and a coaching culture is built at all levels within the company.