Emerging Leaders

The middle-managers are often viewed as ‘enablers’. While that is true for the most part, it is still a fairly narrow summary of their contribution. Given the attention and care, the mid-level managers are capable of contributing a lot more to the organization. Today, high-impact organizations are recognizing the invaluable role of the middle layer. They are cognizant of the reality that if they don’t have a well-groomed middle layer i.e the absence of a leadership succession-plan, they will face a leadership crisis sooner rather than later.


Research indicates that training employees can increase the productivity and efficiency many times over. This hold true for every level of the organization. The crux of this program is to help individuals with some management experience make a seamless transition from an individual contributor role to that of a team leader.

Program Objectives
  • Create a greater perspective of Team and People Management
  • Analyze different situations where the leadership is challenged
  • Focus on key skills like handling conflict, motivating to complete tasks, building trust, relationship, etc.
  • Prioritization and scheduling tasks.
  • To bring out the untapped potentials of learners
  • Analyze Task – Behavior Relationship before delegation
  • Demonstrate leadership through empathetic listening and effective communication styles
Learning Outcomes
  • Linking Strategy to action
  • Effective delegation of work
  • Expanding your influence across the organization
  • Making tough decisions
  • Coaching employees for performance and improvement
  • Building rapport with employees, managers, and peers 
Learner’s Profile
  • Anyone in the Middle Management role
  • Experienced Managers
  • Team Leaders