Effective Delegation

Delegation is the ability to effectively assign tasks, responsibility and authority to others. Delegation is a win-win when done appropriately, however, that does not mean that you can delegate just anything. Before delegating a task, important questions need to be addressed: Can this task be automated? Will this task provide an opportunity to grow and develop another person’s skills? How critical and time-bound is the task? How much time should be spent on training/coaching the delegate, ect.


Especially delegation enables us to gain experience to take on higher responsibilities. Therefore, It is a critical survival skill for managers and supervisors. Understanding the delegation skill and knowing how to use it right is an important personal time management skill. Due to the dynamics involved in planning it, delegation can often feel like more trouble than it’s worth; however by delegating effectively, you can hugely expand the amount of output that you can deliver. When you arrange the workload so that you are working on the tasks that have the highest priority for you, and other people are working on meaningful and challenging support assignments, you have a recipe for success.


This program is designed to make managers and leaders better understand a structured process to delegating tasks, and also recognize and address common pitfalls when it comes to delegation of tasks and responsibilities. 

Program Objectives:
  • When to delegate?
  • The who and how of delegating
  • Clearly identify how delegation fits their job and how it can make managers more successful.
  • Identify different ways of delegating tasks.
  • Learn to give better instructions
  • Recognize common delegation pitfalls and how to avoid them.
  • Develop the capability to give feedback effectively. 
Learning Outcomes
  • Get more work done through effective delegation
  • Using communication skills to delegate tasks
  • Identifying the right resource for the delegation
  • Using a structured method to achieve effective delegation
  • Overcome barriers to delegation 
Learners Profile
  • Managers (All Level and Functions)