Business English

Communication is very crucial in business. At some level, all the functions and functionaries of business need to communicate with one another. Business English skills are essential to cater to the needs of all the stakeholders in this modern era of cut-throat competition. A person who has high competency in corporate communication skills is likely to be able to reach higher echelons with greater ease. A recent survey conducted by Bersin and Associates, a leading talent management, research and advisory services company revealed that companies that can communicate their strategies in a clear manner are 113 times more likely to achieve higher levels of profit. 


  We at PACE™ focus heavily on all the relevant modules including Business Etiquette, Email etiquette, Telephone etiquette, etc. in our Business English program. Our sessions will help you delve into the state of the art communication tools and techniques used by the most successful people. Classroom presentations, group discussions, and group assignments will develop the skills which are needed to organize and deliver information to engage, inform, persuade, and inspire your boss, team, clients, etc. 


 We follow the CELTA methodology which is known to produce tremendous results. CELTA is an essential TEFL qualification that’s trusted by employers, language schools and governments around the world. It follows the ‘emulsion’ school of thought which advocates that the learners be engaged in activities and simulations where they need to communicate in English language only. This learner-driven method puts the students in the spotlight and the trainer monitors their progress, ending each session with a detailed feedback – also referred to as ‘language analysis’. 


The objectives of this program are to develop the participants’:
  • Ability to communicate with everyone in and outside the organization
  • Capability to guide the communication process through survey and investigation of events
  • Skills to develop stories to enhance communication effectiveness and comprehension
  • Passion, energy and enthusiasm, all of which are important factors in grabbing and holding the attention of the audience
  • Enhance all the three forms of communication i.e Verbal, Non-verbal, and Written
  • Ability to speak in a formal environment
After completing this program, the participants will be better able to….
  • Put their point across efficiently in personal or professional conversations.
  • Use all the three forms of communication i.e. Verbal, non-verbal and written, more effectively.
  • Adopt a simple story-telling approach to communicate powerful and easily comprehensible messages.
  • Speak with renewed confidence in a professional environment.
  • Draft effective emails and reports 
Ideal for:

Every level of the organization; but more suited to the mid and top-level.(The program is customizable depending on the participants’ level, job roles, and English language capabilities) 


1. Corporate Communication and its importance

2. Business etiquette

3. Email etiquette

4. Telephone etiquette

5. Professional lexis (vocabulary)6. Power lexis (vocabulary)