Building High Performing Teams

One of the foremost leadership challenge is driving performance through their people. This requires trust and belief in the people’s commitment and capabilities. Especially it is often neglected but ultimately a defining factor in producing results for the organization. Performance culture develops from an organization’s people approaching their work in a purposeful and results-oriented manner. Accountability for the business goals and performance measures must be paramount for a team to deliver top-notch performance.


Probably, the values and core behaviors that fashion how people approach their work and apply their knowledge, skills, and behaviors, will ultimately underpin people development and have a massive bearing on performance. Well-integrated, high-performing teams never lose sight of their goals and are largely self-sustaining. Especially, Imparting a clear vision of where the team should be headed, and inspiring its members to make it a reality, is fundamental to team success.


The focus of this program is on the process of “building” high performance teams and the metrics involved. A lot of light will be thrown on key factors like ‘assembling a team’, ‘establish a clear vision and get people invested in it’, ‘clearly defining roles and direction’, ‘empowering people and create a culture of inclusivity’, ‘instilling a value of accountability’, ‘motivating team members and resolving conflict’, ‘transparent and purposeful communication’, and ‘reviewing performance and providing feedback’.   

Program Objectives
  • How to assemble a high-performance team
  • Defining factors that lead to a high-performance culture
  • Understand the impact of leadership on performance
  • Establishing a clear vision of what you are trying to achieve
  • Empowering people
  • Resolving conflict
  • Creating a strong sense of accountability 
Learning Outcomes
  • Build and foster a high-performance team
  • Create a highly engaged workforce
  • Establish a performance culture which delivers continuous improvement
  • Instill a strong sense of accountability and ownership in people
  • Communicate to keep things on track and promote inclusivity
  • Ultimately produce awesome results for the organisation 
Ideal For
  • Leadership Team