Being Proactive is the regularly used word in any CV or a resume today. This can make you reach higher echelons. It can be difficult to jump start an idea because of the fear of failure, hence  it is the means of working on to reach the perceived goals.


It is an important quality a leader must always possess, because this is complementary to anyone who has vision. Pro-activeness can do wonders in anyone’s life and are very much needed for a successful career. 

By doing this program, the participants will be able to…
  • Understand how to Increase productivity by being proactive and taking the initiative
  • Consistently achieve positive outcomes
  • Respond proactively to tough challenges and issues
  • Learn to walk the talk 
After completing this program, the participants will be better prepared to….
  • Take the  initiative that is required
  • Get positive results
  • Make themselves proactive
  • Keep commitments and value them 
Ideal For:
  • Aspiring Mangers
  • Marketing Managers
  • Sales Managers
  • Sales personnel
  • Team Leaders 
  • What is proactiveness?
  • Difference between proactive and reactive.
  • Advantages of being proactive
  • Tricks and tips to deal with tough situations