Behaviour Skills: At PACE, we understand that while the technical dimension is an important aspect for any position in an organization. Especially theĀ  programs under this mainly concentrate on developing the people skills and behavioural dimensions of success in any role.

These skill training programs are conducted at different levels of intensity. Also some of the simpler programs include areas such as corporate etiquette, campus to corporate, etc. The absolute essentials of being in any organization is slightly higher level of programs would include programs like Customer Service, Goals Setting, Positive Attitude, etc.

We also offer some specialized programs of specific competencies like creativity, analytical skills, and work life balance.

Especially we are specialized in designing custom made training programs that suit and cater to the challenges faced by individuals and teams at all levels. Almost these programs are designed and delivered based on the highly effective ADDIE model.

Behaviour Skills classes conducted by PACE are mainly focused on solution providing and include a range of training methodologies viz. role plays, individual activities, debates, discussions, etc.

The reason that someone gets a job, keeps that job and grows in that job is related to the person’s soft skills. Therefore having realized this, we have developed a number of programs which will definitely help individuals, or teams and organizations achieve what they desire.