The PACE Train The Trainer program has been developed to shape both experienced and aspiring trainers into worldclass professionals by upgrading their skillsets and guiding them to realise their full potential as trainers. At the heart of the program is a ‘learn-unlearn-relearn’ philosophy which will challege the way participants look at conventional training methods while they are introduced to the latest tools, techniques and methodologies being used in the industry. The program is designed as a homogeneous model which makes it a perfect fit for trainers from both technical and non-technical backgrounds. This means that the program is just as suitable to a software developer, who might be required to teach a programming language as a part of their job, as it is to an experienced freelance corporate trainer.

The program has a whole range of special features (which have been outlined in the program objectives and program outcomes columns below) but there are two features which are absolutely unique and are not offered by anyone else in the industry.

First, as a part of the program, all participants are incubated into a supervised training environment where they are required to teach real-time students. These ‘Training Practice’ sessions are video recorded and presented to the participants at the end TTT program along with their scores and feedback. This is a mandatory part of the course. Second, while on the course we introduce the participants to a ROI measurement tool which can be used to leverage more projects by tangible forecasting the business impact of training. This can be a highly effective tool if used correctly. We have had a tremendous feedback from TTT alumni regarding these two very special features and they are a distinctly unique part of the PACE Train The Trainer experience.


Who should attend

This course is recommended for:

  1. Change Management consultants
  2. Individuals with prior teaching/training experience
  3. HR and L&D professionals
  4. Aspiring teachers/trainers (technical and/or non-technical subjects)
  5. Active trainers looking to challenge themselves


Program Objectives

By doing this program, the learners will...

  1. Better understand their own natural teaching style
  2. Better understand the learning needs of individuals and teams
  3. Gain insight into the fundamentals of instructional design
  4. Learn how to give and receive feedback
  5. Prepare to think like a trainer
  6. Test their abilities in a supervised training environment where they will be teaching real-time students
  7. Gain access to a broad array of training tools and explore how to use them
  8. Develop an understanding of how training benefits organisation and how its ROI can be measured


Program Outcomes

After completing this program, the participants will be better prepared to:

  1. Take up a training assignment
  2. Address training objectives and outcomes
  3. Deal with learners’ needs and expectations
  4. Handle difficult participants and provide effective feedback
  5. Outline and develop a suitable training plan
  6. Structure their lesson plans to have maximum impact
  7. Create a conducive learning environment
  8. Deliver in front of an audience with renewed confidence
  9. Use the latest and most effective training tools available
  10. Evaluate the effectiveness of a training program
  11. Measure the ROI (Return on Investment) of a training program
  12. Leverage the above to secure more assignments


NOTE: For course structure please click on TTT Course Structure

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