What is PTE Academic?

PTE Academic measures your English ability by testing your level of English through tasks which reflect real-life settings. Test timings.
PTE Academic is 3 hours long and is split into timed parts. When the time is up on the section, the test will move on automatically. There are 20 different types of task. Some tasks will test integrated skills (e.g. reading and speaking).

PTE General

PTE General (formerly known as the London Tests of English) are international English language exams for speakers of English as a foreign language (EFL). It is developed by Pearson Language Tests and administered by Edexcel, the exams are accredited by QCA, the Qualification and Curriculum Authority. In some countries (Poland, Greece) the oral interview is assessed by locally trained assessors, whereas in other countries (France, Italy) they are entirely graded in London.
PTE General are theme-based exams designed to test how well a learner can communicate in authentic and realistic situations, and not on how well they remember formal vocabulary and structures. For this reason, the tests use real-life scenarios rather than grammatical exercises. They test the four skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. There are six levels which are mapped to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The Framework was developed by the Council of Europe to enable language learners, teachers, universities or potential employers to compare and relate language qualifications by level.

Who should take PTE Coaching?

Most Australian universities have made PTE Coaching a compulsory test for admission which makes PTE Coaching absolutely necessary for students aspiring to study in Australia. At PACE™ we provide the best PTE training in Hyderabad. PTE classes at PACE™ are conducted by an International Australian Trainer.

PTE Coaching Test schedule:

  • Speaking and writing: 77 to 93 minutes
  • Reading: 32 to 41 minutes
  • Break: 10 minutes
  • The break is optional.
  • Listening: 45 to 57 minutes

The timings shown are variable. The test will always last 3 hours in total. Booking You can register online for the test 48 hours in advance You must visit a Pearson test center to take the test of English There are test centers worldwide Find a test center and register now Results pearson delivers results typically within 5 working days Keep checking your account for scores and Pearson will also email you when your scores are available You login to your account to view your scores Send them to institutions via your account PLEASE NOTE: PTE does not provide paper scores.

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