Professional Academy for Corporate Excellence (PACE) is a Human Resources consulting company and we offer Staffing, L&D and Core HR services to our clients who are spread across IT and non-IT industries. Our clients include some of the most recognizable names in the business world. We also work with some leading public sector organisations in the area of talent acquisition and skill development. In addition to our work with corporate and PSU clients, we also offer various specialised courses which are open to anyone who wants to acquire a new skillset.



Building a better tomorrow.



We want to empower people and organisations, and help them reach their full potential. We intend to achieve that by constantly developing our human resources and organisational development expertise. 

Core Values

People and the Team

People are at the heart of everything we do. We believe that good ideas may bring success in the short run but it takes people – and their integration into a team to attain synergy - to sustain that success. We believe in gunning for excellence through teamwork and creating an environment of empathy which is free of discrimination. We also believe that progress can only be made when a culture of meritocracy prevails at the workplace and achievement is recognized and rewarded.

In his historical novel The Boys in the Boat, author Daniel James Brown writes “There is a thing that sometimes happens in rowing that is hard to define. Many crews, even winning crews, never really find it. Others find but can’t sustain it. It’s called ‘swing’. It only happens when all eight oarsmen are rowing in such perfect unison that no single action by any one is out of sync with those of all the others… Poetry, that’s what a good swing looks like.” It is our constant endeavour to find our swing.


Being a HR consulting company, we serve a vast pool of stakeholders. This places a great responsibility on our shoulders to uphold the highest standards of integrity. We are aware of the fact that we impact lives every day. So we walk the talk and will always strive to do so.

Commitment to Excellence

Excellence is a value that is deeply imbibed in our DNA. So much so that it features in the company name as well. Like Steve Jobs said of Apple, at PACE, we believe in challenging the status quo as well. The business world is riddled with complex problems and there is no one-size-fits-all solution to any problem. We pursue excellence on all fronts – organisational, operational and intellectual.

Commitment to Society

We take our commitment to society very seriously. The first and foremost commitment we have is to pursue excellence - for without that, we wouldn’t be in a position to serve society to begin with. Having said that, we take great pride and encouragement in our efforts to give back to society. As an organisation that exists in the education space, we are heavily involved in skill development at the grassroots level. Our team has worked with NSDC in implementing education through many non-profit initiatives. However, at no point do we feel that our efforts on this front are adequate – because it’s never enough when you are working on a good cause. We intend to upscale our efforts in the time to come.



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